Gerasimov Leonid Stepanovich

About the author:

(1954 г.)
Honored artist of Ukraine. Laureate of the state prize of Crimea. Prize winner. Maximilian Voloshin. People's artist of Ukraine. Honorary academician of the Crimean Academy of Sciences. Winner audience award Biennale chamber watercolors Crimea. Member of the national Union of artists of Ukraine.
The future artist was born on August 30, 1954 in Simferopol. Childhood was spent in an old house, in the former Archive 4, now Dybenko. 
 The formation of his creative personality largely contributed to his mother-porfiryeva Vera. Then followed lessons in the art Studio at Starmine Vladimir Alekseevich and Yelena Shevchenko art school, the talented teachers George N. Kurilenko, Polezhaeva Valentin Pavlovich.
   Having entered the Crimean art school named after Samokish, he studied with honored teacher of Ukraine Valentin Grigoriev, Yuri Andreevich Kishchenko, Valentina Pavlovna Kapitonova, Alla Leonidovna Efremova, Valentina Georgievna Volkova, Lev Vladimirovich Balkind.
   In 1982 he entered the Lviv Institute named after Ivan Fedorov at the faculty of graphics. At the end of the thesis was defended "Roads of Italy" (a series of watercolor landscapes), made during a trip to this country. Thesis supervisor draft - Popov Anatoliy Ivanovich. The tireless traveler Gerasimov finds for himself a source of joy and inspiration in hikes with a sketchbook across Russia, the Crimea, Ukraine. After each trip there is a large cycle of new works. Thus was born the series "Russian remote", "Abandoned cemetery", "Azov", "Village" and many others.  His works-the element of heaven, earth and water, really watercolor. The effect that the artist achieves is impossible to achieve using any other technique. "Watercolor painting does not tolerate alterations, - wrote Lebedev,-the paper is soon tired, the colors lose their freshness, and the technique - ease and freedom." This feature of watercolor technique is largely determined by its nature. The impossibility of amendments leads to the obligatory accuracy of compositional vision, strict predetermination of the sequence in the creative process. Watercolor prevents fluctuations
Being a member of research expeditions "Routes of ancient sailors" and "roads of crusaders", Gerasimov used this unique opportunity to work on new watercolors. The expeditions were held in the framework of the cultural program "Mission of the Golden Age" under the auspices of the "club of travelers". For this purpose, ancient sailing ships were created and reconstructed: the ancient Greek sailing-rowing ancient diera (two tiers of oars), the 6th century BC "Ivlia" and the reconstructed sailing ship "Poliakra"-the 16th century ad. The organizer of the expedition 1989 - Odessa scientific-research center "Pontus euxinus" (sponsors - Odessa State University, society for protection of monuments of culture) was placed in front of the expeditions goal is to go without a motor, using only the Egyptian type of sails and strength of the muscles of the rowers at the oars, the routes of ancient mariners, without the aid of modern navigation instruments, focusing in the sea with the sailing directions and the starry night sky. As a rower on the dieres "Ivlia" Gerasimov fully experienced "romantic charm" of the slave labor of ancient seafaring. Exhausting pitching during a storm, the constant struggle with the sea for survival, fantastic adventures, unusual, extreme conditions - all this will still be written book. Nevertheless, it was there that such watercolors as "Athos", "Winemakers", "Night over the Bosphorus", "Storm", "Alexandria", "in the Romanian port", "worker Istanbul" and many other works were born.
   Expedition on sailing vessel "Polacra" was held in no less risky, sometimes life-threatening, challenging environment. Suffice it to say that the route this time ran through the land - fired sections of Yugoslavia-the warring Bosnia and Croatia (Vukovar). Their soldiers, who saw only blood and destruction, were amazed to see on the half - frozen Danube silhouette of an ancient sailboat-a Mirage from the distant peace time... Only endurance and self-control helped members of expedition to survive that cold winter of 1993. At the personal exhibition in Simferopol house of artists in 1994 exhibited works brought from the last expedition: "Winter Danube", "Early snow", "Stuffy day", "Regensburg", "Gypsy Slobodka", "Vienna autumn", "Winter study", "Autumn", "in the old city" and many others.
   Old court "Yulia" and "Polacra" was not only a great scientific and research courtesy of the laboratory for the study of the history of shipbuilding, archaeology, and biology of seas, continental shelf, seabed environment, but also a great workshop. Who of the artists did not dream of having it in the open air-in the forest or on the beach? In our case, the workshop in the open sea is not a fantasy, but a reality. The artist himself speaks about it so: "Taking part in the expeditions that do not make me any economic aid, I must be the last of my generation who had the courage to literally go for romance. Without setting the task of graphic means to duplicate what we have seen, it would be too easy, for this there is a first-class photographic equipment, however, to show the spirit of romance, which is gone forever, what we all lack now, wandering, the spirit of mystery that literally hovered over the ship while sailing on the Marble, Aegean and Mediterranean seas, it seems to me much more important and interesting"
   Success for Gerasimov is not fame and popularity - but the depth and sincerity of the reaction of his audience, the harmony of their feelings. And such success, undoubtedly, is. This is evidenced by numerous entries in the guest books at personal exhibitions watercolourist. Lives and works in Simferopol.

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