Zhurikova Mariia

About the author:

Contemporary Crimean artist. Born in 1988. Mariia spent her childhood in Crimea in Feodosia. In 2003 she graduated from the famous art college named after Aivazovsky in Feodosia. In 2012 she graduated from National Academy of Arts and Architecture in Kyiv. From 2006 she has regularly taken part in republican and state Ukrainian exhibitions. In 2012 took part in the art project “Art Map of Ukraine” organised by the National Art Museum of Ukraine. Mariia was awarded the Certificate by the Crimean Ministry of Culture and Art for painting portraits of outstanding Ukrainians. She continues artistic education in the Valencian Politechnic Institute in Spain, where he currently lives.
2006 – Modern Ukrainian Landscape, Poltava.
2009 – On the Day of Artist, Dnipropetrovsk.
2011 – The Ukrainian Woman, Creators, Luhansk.
2012 – Picturesque Ukraine, Zaporozhye.
2017 – paintings of Mariia Zhurykova took part in the art fair in Dalian, China.
2017 – SIMBIOSIS, San Juan de Alicante.
2017 – Malaga Art Fair, Malaga, Spain.

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