Morgun Nikolay

About the author:

Honored artist of Ukraine
Morgun Nikolay Sergeyevich. Honored artist of Ukraine. Born November 9, 1944 in Moscow. From 1959 to 1964 - studied at the Crimean art College im. N. With.Samokish (teachers: I. Petrov, A. A. Puzyrevich, Thorns an., Garbarino VG). In 1973 wink Mamontov graduated from the Kiev state art Institute, where he studied at the Bubble V. G., Planickova A. I., I. A. quiet, Vyrodov V. G. C, 1978 wink - member National Union of artists. C 1994 Deputy for the creative work of the Chairman of the Board of the Crimean organization of the National Union of artists.2004 - Morgun Nikolay Sergeevich - Honoured artist of Ukraine.
Works are in museums in the Crimea, Ukraine; private collections in Russia and abroad.

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