Strelov Arkady

About the author:

 Honored artist of Ukraine. Born in the village of Shuhra, Ivanovo region.. In 1942 went to the front. After demobilization, he entered the Ivanovo art school. Teachers I. Kalashnikov, Mikhail Malyutin. After graduation in 1950, he moved to Yalta. The originality of the Crimean landscape, penetrated by sunlight, which revealed the purity and sonorous natural shades of nature in their tonal unity, changed the creative style of the artist. Strelow-landscape painter, created his own, with his own world of imagery that draws the viewer into the sphere of good and bright lyrical feelings, marked by the integrity of the relationship to nature. Since 1961, member of the Union of artists of the USSR. His works are kept in museums of Ukraine. Exhibited in Hungary, Canada, Poland, Switzerland, Japan, USA, Greece, Holland.

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