A passion for the sea / Anton Gudzikevich

"The paintings of Gudzikevich a lot of light, and we know that they will be very successful," said Gabriel Martinez. The exhibition opens on Friday, August 31, at 7: 30 and will be open at the entrance to the Marina de Denia until September 30. Seven paintings were selected, four of them show pictures of Volvo Ocean Race and the rest related to the sea."The sea gives energy to my life, so I have been working with this element for three years. Last year, at the beginning of the Volvo Ocean Race, I was thinking about creating an exhibition project for this regatta. I wanted to convey all this passion of seafarers and the love they have for the sea. It was a very interesting process to get to know this world. I will continue to work, as the sea offers us many things, and I will continue to create paintings, " said Anton, Gudzikevich. "I want to thank Marina de Denia for the opportunity to exhibit her work by the sea. There are many people who love the sea and will be able to see their passion reflected in my work."
With this exhibition Marina de Dénia opens a new cycle in which it will support young artists. "For all young people, with initiative and talent, we will be happy to provide them with a place to start showing their work. "We understand that culture is important for our city. Art is also deseasonalizes, and we have to bet on all those disciplines that contribute to the growth of tourism. This creates wealth and employment for our region, " Martinez said.
"It is a privilege for us to be near the sea and to be inspired by this world. To thank Marina de Dénia for what she has bet on this cultural part, as it is located inside the city that we want Dénia", - commented Rafael ferrán.
"We want to invite everyone to visit this exhibition. In addition, it coincided that the main image of the poster is the ship Alex Pella, a sailor and a sports image of our port. He still does not know, because now he is at the regatta in Minorca, but he will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition, " concluded Gabriel Martinez.