Dialogue of Generations

The modern Crimean school of painting is bright and recognizable in the post-Soviet creative space. The beginning of modern history is considered to be the 1940s - 1950s, when young ambitious artists, students of outstanding painters, academics of the Academy of Arts - B.V. Ioganson, I.I. Chekmazov and P.A.Vlasov, received an academic education in Moscow and the Leningrad school of painting, arrived in the Crimea to teach at the school to them. Samokisha. Among the founders and the brightest representatives, the works of V. Bernadsky, F. Zakharov, N. Bortnikov, P. Stolyarenko, Ya. Basov, V. Tsvetkova are worth highlighting, whose canvases are filled with fresh flowers, vivid motifs and expression characteristic of the nature of Crimea. It is impossible to imagine a local school of painting without the creativity of such artists as V.Tolochko, S. Bakaev, N. Morgun, I. Shevchenko, L. Polyakova. The contribution of each of them continues to form and develop a unique manner of writing characteristic of the Crimea.
The works of the Crimean artists, saturated in color, imbued with the joy of life, are distinguished by their energy and warmth of coloring, impressed with impressionism. Crimea, with its rich nature and variety of landscapes, is a place where many young authors begin their journey today. Contemporary Crimean artists preserve and develop the artistic tradition of the region.
The exhibition presents works by the masters of the Crimean art school - V. Bernadsky, F. Zakharov, N. Bortnikov, P. Stolyarenko, J. Basov, V. Tolochko, S. Bakayev. As well as artists writing in this tradition L.Polyakova, V.Syarov, N.Zyuzkova and young authors R.Ramazanov, A.Syrbu, A.Gudzikevicha, M.Zhurikova, working in modern trends.