Exhibition in honor of the 95th anniversary of the birth of the Crimean painter Tolochko Victor Ivanovich

Tolochko Victor Ivanovich
1922 - 2006
People's artist of Ukraine Viktor I. Shcheglov was born in Melitopol in 1922, His first work, he wrote 17-year-old boys – it was a copy of a painting depicting the battle with the Basmachi. A year later, in 1940, Victor talochka has himself become a party to the other fights on the border, in the Sands of Central Asia. Next was the Central front, Kursk, Vitebsk-Polotsk operation... Veteran of the great Patriotic war Viktor Shcheglov was awarded the order of Glory III degree, is knight of the order of the red Star.
Painting he studied after the war. At first it was the Kharkiv art College (1946-1950), and then the Kharkov art Institute (1957), after which Tolochko was appointed Director of the Museum of Ukrainian art in Yalta, who was then the halls of the Vorontsov Palace.
In 1963 he returned to creative work. Then he began to build the house-workshop in Yalta, where he was visited by Mikhail Anikushin, Vladimir Bogatkin Alexander Lopukhov, Viktor Shatalin, Anatoly Plamenitskiy and many others. Was a friend of Evsei Moiseenko, together fruitfully artists wrote in the Crimea.
In 1970 he moved to Donetsk, in 1973, became Chairman of the Donetsk branch of the Union of artists. Soon after returning to the Crimea.
In 1985, Shcheglov V. V. was awarded the title people's artist of Ukraine.
Participant of numerous exhibitions, including thirty personal in Moscow (1965), Kiev (1975), Simferopol (1966, 1979, 1985, 1987, 1992, 1994, 1995, 2000.g.), Dnepropetrovsk (1983), Donetsk (1974), Istanbul (Turkey, 1995). etc.
Work Shcheglov V. I. are kept in many museums and galleries of Ukraine and private collections in many countries.
 "Without exaggeration, Viktor Tolochko is one of the pillars of the Crimean painting XX century", art critic Elena Samoilov. While Natalia Dobrynska characterizes his paintings: "If it's a seascape – a ragged sea breeze ruffled his hair, heard the strokes of wings, which the gulls cut the sky, the roughness of the canvas and a powerful accurate brushstrokes convey the brutality of the coastal cliffs, which, pricking, remain in the memory of the attentive viewer. If it is still life – it's lit with an unearthly flame Crimean APR, and this fire is boiling in the veins of young blood, I want to live life to the fullest, obeying the imperious laws of nature."
"Each God has bestowed all the necessary paints, to paint life in incredible colors of happiness. The main thing – do not miss this gift and love life of their own and others faithfully and unselfishly".