C 2 March to 10 April in the Exhibition hall nuau on the ground floor will host the exhibition of two artists Anton and Mary Gudzikevich Gurtovoy. Graduates Of the national Academy of Ukraine they continue their career in the field of fine arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and work together in their workshop in El Campello. The exhibition paintings from the projects :" at a different angle/ EnotroAngulo", "water without interference/AGUASIN INVASIÓN","in motion/Enmovimiento", "BodyMusic","Summer". Two artists, despite the different methods of expression and pictorial methods, grow and develop together over 10 years, predstavlyayut the exhibition is the result of this mutually beneficial cooperation and continuous dialogue of Symbiosis.   Anton creates reality on canvas, telling his story and singing the life of a fresh, bright, full of light. His paintings are full of energy. In recent years, Maria Jurikova works with the plasticity of the female body, the expression in the abstract, but with a clear reflection of the realism of the female nature.
We will be glad to see you at the exhibition.