Memorial Exhibition of Art by Fedor Zakharov

On 18 June the Memorial exhibition of Art by the People’s Artist of Ukraine Fedor Zakharov was opened
Fedora Zakharov was an artist by calling, occupation and lifestyle. He was born in 1919 in the province of Smolensk and grew up in an ordinary village family in Central Russia. Fedor Zakharov received a good fundamental education in the Russian capital, first in art school, then at the Moscow art Institute n.a. Surikov V.I. The head of his workshop was Egor Ryazhskiy, and among teachers were Vera Favorskaya and Ivan Chekmazov. All of his creative activity associated with the Crimea. He worked almost every day all the year in any weather. Many years of plein-air practice "liberated" the way artist painted. Color becomes the main form-building instrument. Bright saturated tones, clean deep color, plenty of light, dense swab - that’s what define the famous "Zakharov's style" and can be seen in his extensive series of the Crimean and Sednev landscapes. Fedora managed to achieve a rare freedom when painted still lifes. In each artwork, he was able to create a special aura, his flowers are beautiful, tangible and yet distant. He always left some kind of innuendo in his art. 
Fedor Zakharov was always bright and original artist with a strong temperament and great energy. He was a recognized painter who gained  all the titles and regalia of his time and participated in many all-Union and foreign exhibitions. On the decision of the academic Council of the State Tretyakov gallery where his paintings are also kept Fedor Zakharov is listed among the best Impressionists of Russia. The influence of Fedor Zakharov for current and future generations of artists is immense and enduring. Fedor Zakharovich was and remains the "scenic metronome" for which to strive, and to which you should rise.
Shiryaeva L.A , Expert of Crimean art